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What We Do

According to the specific requirements, Fanhan Tech could provide customers with a series of "one-stop service", such as data acquisition, data preprocessing, data transfer marking, test and evaluation, etc.
speech synthesis

Speech Synthesis

speech recognition

Speech Recognition

natural language understanding

Natural Language Understanding

machine translation

Machine Translation

image recognition

Image Recognition

face recognition

Face Recognition

unmanned driving

Unmanned Driving

intelligent search

Intelligent Search



How to customize the service

of demand
Real time
of data

Data Type

Voice acquisition: 36 languages, voice content, scene category, sampling rate, sampling depth, device type and other parameters.

Phonetic transliteration: regular transliteration, orthographic transcription, special transliteration, etc.

Voice annotation: noise annotation (ASR), phonetic role annotation and so on.

Photo collection: face, expression, entity image, graphic symbol, map location, furniture construction picture, specific scene and other picture types.

Picture annotation: characters, handwriting, facial expressions, and so on.

Text collection covers scientific research, life, work, entertainment and other aspects of human activities at home and abroad. The form includes news, Weibo, legal documents, commercial documents and so on.

Text annotation includes text phonetic, text anticipatory emotional annotation, parallel corpus annotation and so on.

In addition, collection and annotation services also involve video, body feeling, gestures and other data types.

With the change of customer needs, we can also provide customized services according to data types and dimensionality parameters to meet the needs of technical modeling and training models.

Core Business

Customized online and offline data services elit

Data Acquisition

1.Numerous resources
2.Local acquisition
3.Customzied service

Data Preprocessing

1.Effective data breaking model
2.Self-devloped speech cutting model

Data Labeling

1.Proffessional annotators
2.Self-developed platform for tasks
3. Customized quality inspection process
4.High accuracy

Why do you choose us

One-stop service

Quickly sorting out the data needs, providing accurate customized services.

Digital copyright

Putting an end to secondary sale, data copyright is only for you.

Time period

Full-process management model could shorten the project cycle.

Data quality

Advanced quality inspection process, the accuracy of data delivery is more than 98%.

Qualification guarantee

Fanhan Tech has passed IS09001 quality management system certification.

Global active resources

At present, business in Fanhan Tech has covered more than30 countries&more than50 languages (accents) all over the word, and covers Asia, America, North Africa, Europe and other countriesand regions.